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Are you dreading the thought of trying to move your piano to a new location? Not to worry, we have your back.

Piano Moving in Ottawa

Moving piano, piano (piano) – a difficult, responsible action.

Moving Piano – Not An Easy Task.
The large size and weight of the piano, are not the main factors why pianos
require special attentional. It is the fragility and sensitivity to shock we worry about.
Piano handling requires movers of the highest professionalism and we have got
you covered.

Smart Movers Canada Company has all the necessary skills and means for
pianos shipping and transportation . In order to prevent any damage to the surface
of the piano, we use wrapping blankets and shrink wrap layer. . For the lifting and
moving of the musical instrument special belts are used by number of properly
positioned workers. Next step – piano is accurately and carefully loaded into the
truck, where it is fixed with special fasteners. In addition to the careful treatment of
our porter instruments, we also care for the safety of the property, such as floors
in the room as the piano weighs at least 450 lbs. ( 200 kg).

Our staff has experience working as a well-coordinated team, which consists of
qualified movers with appropriate skills and appropriate technical equipment. All
this factors lead to the moving of the piano been performed efficiently, safely and
on time.

After the piano and the grand piano has arrived to the new location, we
recommend to perform “in tune check”, since the vibration and shocks are
inevitable even if the moving is done in the most accurate way by all the rules,
which can lead to small changes in the sound of the instrument.

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