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Professional long distance moving in Ottawa

Long Distance Moving in Ottawa

we specialize in Long Distance Moving.

We Specialize In Long Distance Moving.
Long distance moving is a complex and demanding task, which we handle with great care and
passion. Our rich experience in Long Distance moving, skilled professional staff, understanding
of reliable transportation routes, smooth algorythm of handling and use of special accessories
and equipment are a guarantee of quality of the service you get.

Any relocation requires thorough preparation. For this exact reason, our assigned manager will
contact you before your move for the detailed consultation. If there is an urge for a Long
Distance move made ASAP, we will do our best to speed up the process, giving you the best
possible conditions and the cost of the work. It is especially important to specify the list of goods
being transported and approximate dimensions of major items, which will help us to calculate
the logistics, labor and price.

The next step is the quality packing and organizing of items inside of the transportation vehicles.
This step is given special attention since it determines the safety of your belongings on the
After that, within a specified time (deadline will be provided), your belongings are delivered to
the new address, which includes unloading the cargo, unpacking and placing items as directed
by the customer.

We provide a high level of service, including:

Individual treatment of each customer: client has his/her own tasc issigned manager, who can
be contacted at any time and discuss any inquiry you need;
Multi-stage quality control system implementation services;

Professionalism of our employees to resolve any issues related to the move;
Cargo insurance;
Our own fleet of specially equipped vehicles;
Storage facilities, especially equipped to hold property;
Highly professional service of assembly / disassembly of furniture and packing of belongings;
Usage of a thought out system for items loading and unloading;
Individually designed move, taking into account the distance, urgency and the amount of cargo
Leave your Long Distance move to professionals of Smart Movers Ottawa, and you will get the
job done quickly, efficiently and worry free!!!

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